Thursday, December 30, 2010

The end of 2010

Depending on when and where you are reading this from, there is officially less the 24 left in the year 2010. If your anything like me, this fact surprises you because this year has officially flown bye. In this entry I am going to take a look back at this year, and what I am looking forward to in 2011.

Here is a list of all my favorite things of 2010
  1. Movie- Black Swan, It was an intense thriller that keeps you guessing until the end, plus I know for a fact that God created the perfect woman, and her name is Natalie Portman.
  2. Album- "Recovery", Eminem, Now it's no secret that I am a huge fan of rap, but I honestly couldn't stop listening to this album
  3. Concert- Jack Johnson, I don't know if it was the combination of pouring rain, the care-free sound that is Jack Johnson, or the people I went with, but this was the best show I saw all year.
  4. Best sports moment- tie between the San Antonio Saints winning the super bowl, that's right New Orleans we took y'all in when you were down so you will always be the S.A. Saints in my book, and the return of relevance to the Texas A&M football program. Only time will tell if this season lasts or was a fluke, but it was sure nice to see my Ag's make a splash on the national scene for the first time in a decade.
  5. Worst sports moment- Derrick Roland's leg coming apart. I saw this live on t.v. and have not been able to watch it again. If you haven't seen it I will like the video, viewer discretion advised.
  6. here is the link.
  7. Funniest quote- "Congratulations to you", if your reading this, then "Congratulations to you". Any questions feel free to ask me.
  8. Favorite book- The Town- It's easily 100 times better then the movie, but if you think Hollywood doesn't change things, then it is not for you.
In 2010 I finished my second year of college and began my third one, they haven't kicked me out yet, thank God. I lived in an apartment for a year, and now I have my own condo. I got a legitimate job this year, and quickly got promoted. I began to realize that the older you get, the less free time you have, so cherish it while it lasts. I gained some new friends, fell out of touch with some old ones, and grew a lot as a person. I feel that as cliche as it sounds, I am actually a more mature and stronger person then I was at this time a year ago. I really can't believe how soon the "real" world will be upon me, but I am excited to see what it holds.

I look forward to sending this year off with a bang, and beginning to work through the next one. I wish you and your's a happy holiday season. If you choose to drink, which I know a lot of you will, then please don't drive. I want to see all of you very soon.
I'll see y'all in 2011


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