Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trade deadline madness

Welcome back,
Its been a while but this has been a crazy semester but I finally made time to write this so here we go.
The NBA trade deadline happened today, and boy did we have some action. I am going to tell you my winners and losers of all the major trades today.
Winners bracket
The New York Knicks- They gave up a lot of their starting lineup, but they got a superstar in Carmelo Anthony, and a proven winner in Billups. This was a move they absolutely had to make, they blew up their team a couple of years ago to get three superstars, and acquiring melo vindicated that move. They wont contend for a championship this year, but maybe melo and amare can get cp3 to play with them. Overall grade A
The thunder- WOW. They pulled off a miracle trade in getting perkins, who is quietly one of the best post defenders in the league. They got the perfect piece to place them into championship contention in the western conference. I would not want to play this team come playoff time. Overall grade A+
The nuggets and the jazz- both teams had to do the hardest thing ever in trading away a superstar player. They did however receive a nice group of young players and picks. And they avoided becoming next years Cleveland cavs, which is always a plus. Over all grade B+
The Clippers- They moved a terrible contract and made room for Blake Griffin to become the leader of that team. Plus by adding jamario moon their games can always turn into dunk contests. Overall grade B
The heat and magic- suddenly became a lot more likely to beat the boston celtics. No if they can get a few free agents they could become even more dangerous.

Losers Bracket
Boston Celtics- They traded away their advantage over the rest of the NBA, size and interior defense. This team is built to win now, so I dont understand making a trade for the future at this point. Overall grade D
Memphis Grizzlies- They basically told O.J. Mayo they didnt want him there anymore, but just forgot to trade him. I bet that little scrap with tony allen earlier in the year wont be the only time he gets knocked out this year. Grade F
Utah Jazz fans- They lost their coaching icon and then traded the star point guard who "ran him off". The last time things were this sad in Utah Michael Jordan was making Malone regret having the ball stripped from him in the post. Thats what happened before "the shot" in case you dont remember. You can't put a grade on depression.
D-Will- Got traded to New Jersey, that really needs no description. On the plus side I think Snooki is looking for a man!!
I am totally excited about how these story lines will play out, let me know what you think.