Sunday, March 27, 2011

Donald Glover


Quick blog update coming right down the pipe,
I have a very addictive personality, which is why these blogs come few and far between lately. I find something new and completely dive into it. I have been writing things down, but I will try to post things up here more often.
Back to my addictive personality, I have become obsessed with podcasts. I have been listening to Doug Loves Movies almost every day. Find it on itunes if you like movies and comedy.
Donald Glover might be one the most talented people on the planet right now. If you don't know who he is, watch Community, Thursday nights on NBC, I should get paid for that plug. He also performs stand up comedy, and was a writer for 30 rock, but his music is what I am all about right now. His persona is named Childish Gambino, and he sings and raps over like techno electronica beats. I did a terrible job of describing it, but if you like good music Check it out.
I recently got a job as a producer at a radio station, which has been such a blessing. I am completely intrigued with this profession right now, and hopefully this will open more doors for me.
I have like 3 tests this week and have a writing assignment, so I will probably update this as I get time, or as I become delirious. My boy "classic" started a blog, and its hilarious. I will link it at the end.
Everything I'm sayin', I'm super Saiyan like Goku

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